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Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
... west nile... death..../ death..../ janice... park... is streaming live... in piiesville.../, where... crews... have... been hard at work .../ spraying... to... combat the virus. janice? janice?jeff,we are live in pikesville, where the state's mosquito control starting sprrying and they are still spraying as we speak.many communities sign up to have this there here tonight because there has been a confirmed case of west nile virus in this neighborhood. right here, this is tteir plan of attack, all the roads you see in pink. "mosquito control section" tooight...whee they sprayed this community near milford mill, cases of west nile have spiked...and this yyar alone in md...there have been 13 of them deadly.what's being sprayed is an e-p-a registered &ppesticide...that the state says is highly effective. mosquitos love hot they carry the highest amounts of the virus right around this time...and into early fall. "we're freaked out in that everybody wants it" it""when we get a confirmed case...spray all the neighborhoods that
Sep 11, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, the late janice brown. she was frequently a guest here at 9news now. she wore many hats. besides being a journalist, she was a fashion expert. she was a comic. she was a traffic reporter. she was a professor at udc. she was even a standup comic. she was loved by so many people. i'm happy to have her daughter with whitney brown with me. first, i'd like to say we extend our deepest sympathy to you and your family because it was such a shock. janice was loved by so, so many people. she died of lung cancer, it was very, very quick. but i would like to hear from you what do you remember most about your mother? >> i remember her laugh, her sense of humor. she was just someone who really took life by the handlebars and did everything she could to just give all she had to life. you never knew she had a problem. she never made it anybody else's issue if she was having an issue. she always made sure that people around her were going to have a good time. >> she lived life to its fullest. she was a musician. she studied music. she did so many things. she knew so much about fashion. >> she knew so
Sep 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
... janice. janice. 3 playytoronto will hhst the yankees here for fouu games tarting tomorrow. first time since 1997 in the playoff hunt...tied for the yankees for first place in the american league east.we haven't experienced baseball in october...since 1197... 3 3 3 new tonight... on....fox45 news at 5:30./.. a... severn father... in jail.../ what his... child ingested.../ what... policeefound... at he home ...// 3 amazing video out of missouri. the entire crew on these boat.. thrown to one siie.what officials saa causeddthe boat to lose control. and some trrvelers upset over one airlines new policy of skinnier seats.when the changes go into effect... still ahead. 3 --adblib weather tt-- anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting c
Sep 5, 2012 12:30am EDT
school where the auditorium was filled to capacity tonight. janice? janice? more than a dozen parents lined up many whose children were in the cafeteria when the shooting happened. they were finally able to ask thee quessions ttey've been waiting more thanna week to ask. it was a communnty meeting called by prinnipal george roberts. parents were able to air the questions that have bben troubling them from why their children weren't better accounted for to just how well the schools emergency plan worked when 15 yr ld robeet gladden allegedly shot another the next 30 days the emergency plan will be reviewed but said he was proud of how his staff acted that day. 3 "for him to be able to sneak a photgun, i could, anyone could sneak a hanngun in here" here" "proactive...principals mmeting, this will be top we pthe principal says that ttee victim daniel was improving but saad out of respect for the family won'ttgo into further detail. he did say &pphey will be announcing when the time comes whhn daniel will come back to school. livv in ph jp fox45 news late edition. see.... more... of our..
Sep 4, 2012 10:00pm EDT
hall ... high chool... parents ... say... was... long overdu/ overdue..../ janice... park... streaming live... at the... chool.../ where... hundreds... offparents... filled... the audtorium./.. getting... answers... to... last week's... shooting..../ janice? janice?jeff,at least a dozen parents got in line...the most outspoken werr parents who children were most effected by the man says his daughter waa mother says her daughter was in the cafeteria that day 10 peet from the shooter.they got to ask questions they've been wanning to ask more more than a week now. now. "they evacuated the building weel and those accolades do not come easily from me"steps from where police say 15 year critically injured another student...parents fill the perry haal auditorium to full capacity:sharing their fears lack of accountablity: accountabbity:"my daughter sam was ii the cafeteria when it ha" happened""i didn't see any accountablity, it was a mob scene, helicopters"principal george rooerts explains the emmrgency plan that took afffct that day: day:"outside, each of the door
Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. janice? janice? we are live here at mt vernon park. two rookie cops were patrolling here and arrested a man on a gun charge only finding out later it was their prime suspect in a shooting that left a local artist dead and a comm hospitaa. till in the police say quintin bass is homeless aad had only been living in bmore since this year. they say robbery was the motive when he allegdedly shot and killed artist alex ulrich and critically shot larry peterson the man called the mayor of mt vernon. police say intelligence from the community helped them realize bass was the shooter. "oh a huue relief this is what we've been waiting for since the night of the incident" incident""what i can tell you what's behind this henous incident is robbery, and that it still remains an active investigation" janice park, fox45 nnws late edition. 3 3 attorneys ... want the ...15 year old... perry hall... high shooting... suspect... triedd.. as an juvenile. juvenile.robert gladden's... attorneys ...made the request today... in court.../.both ... sides... gathered... for a bail review hearing.../.that ... heari
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Sep 14, 2012 2:00am PDT
crowd. that is your 5@5:00. time now for the first degree weather update. janice dean has it for us. cooling down maybe? >> yes. good news it's friday. we need good news today. don't we, ladies? a cold fronth that leaves cooler more refreshing temperatures and much needed moisture across the area. heyed of this front a little warm and sticky but it will get to you. the radar ahead of the front that is where we are eeing moisture from texas to the great lakes. in between dry air-conditions for most of us. this is trap col storm nadine. not going to effect the u.s. or bermuda but could effect them in the next couple days. still very active. the rest of the country looks good. if you are traveling today boston, dallas, los angeles looking pretty good. laud des? >> we will take it. >> janice dean thanks a lot. >>> 10 minutes to the top of the hour a strong warning the protests in the middle east are much more than air spray. >> there's no sense there is anybody on the bridge of the ship. >> tony schafer says the warnings from his sources on the ground are much stronger. he is next. >> a
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Sep 7, 2012 5:00am EDT
for the first weather update with janice dean. charlotte, north carolina did notnd up with severe weather for the final night of the democratic national convention. >> little bit of rain. so maybe it is a good idea they had things indoors. there is that chance, and one strike of lightning is scary. as a weather opinion and a, month, i think they did the right thing. we have the potential for severe weather because we have a significant cold front slicing through the midwest and the mid-south today and through the weekend moving across the east coast so temperatures will drop ten or even 20 degrees in 24 hours. this is the region where we could see the potential for severe weather from lower michigan down through the mid-south, certainly large hail and damaging wind and isolating tornadoes so the big cities need to keep an eye to the sky and you can see the cold front on the temperature map: 72 in chicago and 68 in minneapolis. right there, you can see we have the cooler and dry air moving in, and the taste of fall is coming this weekend for a lot of folks. >> that would be nice, a
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Sep 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
time for your first degree weather update with janice dean who has more on the storms in the northeast. we don't care because it is friday. >> we made it ladies we made it. >> great through the northeast back to the ohio valley. hit or miss showers through out the day today. nothing severe in the forecast. you want to carry your umbrella just in case. across portions of texas and arkansas and ohio valley. we are seeing showers and much needed rain. we are in a severe drought situation. severe weather lifted through colorado yesterday. a lot of wet weather across the nation today. north of it that is where we are seeing the cooler drier air. >> jay leno was doing a forecast with my voice. look at your morning travel real quick. boston we could see shower activity. new york shower and thunderstorm. call ahead if you are picking someone up or if you are head to go the airport yourself. memphis and dallas looking good this morning. light weather and light volume hopefully. >> and you are much cuter than jay leno. >> don't tell him that. >> thank you. >> okay. >>> now to stories y
Sep 6, 2012 10:00pm EDT
...///. ...after ámarylandá... announced .../ áit'sá... first... west nile... death..../ death..../ janice... park... is streaming live... in pikesville.../, where... crews... are... hard at work .../ spraying... to... combat the virus. janice? janice?jeff,we are live in pikesville, where the state's mosquito control starting spraying and they are still spraying as we sppak.many communities sign up to have this done...but there here ponight because there has been a confirmed case of west nile virus in this neighborhood. of attack, all the roads you see in pink. we were with the state's "mosquito control sectionn" this ommunity near milford, cases of west nill have spiked...and thissyear alone in md...there have een 13 of them deadly.what's being sprayed is an e-p-a registered pesticide...that the state says is highly effective. mosquiios love hot thee carry the highest amounts of the virus right around this time...and into eaaly fall. everybody wants it"in that - it""when we get a confirmed case...spray all the neighborhoods that that one mile radius t
Sep 7, 2012 5:30pm EDT
, as daniel recovers. janice? jeff,we are live here at jeff, recovers. janice? jeff, we are live here at the gunpowder lodge...where students say they chose this location because this is daniel's favorrte restaurant. and businesses have already paised thousands students here say they can't do enough o help. daniel borowy hhs been in shock trauma since monday.on the firss day of school, police say 5 year old robert gladden walkeddinto the cafeteria at perry hall high school and began shooting. daniel, was shot in the back... students tell me...focusing on helping daniel has helped hem recoverrfrom the truama of the the days since...students have made shirts...raised money...and even lobbied for lady gaga...his favorite performer to visit him: 3 this benefit issgoing on till 8 pm...liveein kingsville, jp a ...back home...///after... his... parents say... a... school bus driver... let... him off... at... the wwong stop. stop. 4-year-old... jaden... is... a... pre-kk.. at... campfield .. - elementary... learning center.../. someone... at... the school ...put him... on... the w
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
shooting someone on the university this evening. janice paak is live on campus tonight and tells us the shooting happened in the heart of campus. officials wanttto stress tonight that the victtm and shooter were not happened in the student center the victim would eventually stumble out here around 5 pm the city swat ttam and officers came to the student center on campus where a man had been shot once insidee students were and emails warning of danger. one student told me campus police acted promptly and began securing the scene within minutes. campus officials want to stress that this was not a random crime. and that the shooter and victim knew each other "young man weaaing a white polo, blood on his shirt, ripped, he was reaching for the trash can and collapsed right before the trash can" can" "i just feel safe, w/ msu pd responding so quickly, they were on top of it within 5 minutes of it happening""- janice park fox45 news late edition. new details... surrounding... the... 13 year old... who took ...a... loaded handgun ... to sshool ...yesterday. ...yesterday. fami
Sep 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
...// janice? janice?jeef,daniel's mother rosemary has spent all her time here...but today was one of the few times she's left... she wws embraced by friends and strangers at a fundraiser in kingsville...where everyone her son. rosemary bororwy has not left her son's side in 12 days.but she came to kingsville today to thank friends and stranggrs for all they've done for her, was the latest fundraiser to help pay for daniel's medicial bills.dannel wws shot on the first day of school at perry hall high school.police say 15 year old robert gladden started randomly firing in the school's the days since, daniil's condition has been upgraded to stable: 3 3&"he'' a hero, and i hope everything ttinks of him that wwy because he's fightiig lonn and hard to be back home with us" rosemary tells us right now daniel is walking and talking...but they haven't even begun to discuus whether he'll be able to return to school.janice park, fox45 news late edition to see more of our coverage of the shooting the victim's parents... go to fox baltimore dot com slash perry hall. &pfamil
Sep 19, 2012 10:00pm EDT
... stop sign cameras... by... the end of the year../. year../. janice... park... streaming live... in ampden ... to... tell us .../ pf... maayland ... janice?maryland could be next...a tiny town in montgomery county called glen hoping to be the first town in maryland to install them...after people are juss blowing through their ssop how do you avoid getting finnd 50 bucks in dc? your car has to come to a crosswalk. in the hustle and bustle of dc...drivers must obey the four letters...or pay: "give uu a break, stop sign cameras that's out of the question...give us a break" break""i don't think they should be putting them on stop signs now,,i think that's a little too much"dc is following the lead of california, where phooo enforced stop signs have been raking in the ough. dough."if it's something not posted or people are not aware of it and they didn't announce it and kind of just put it there, it's kind of mmsleading" butcalifornia drivers are being warned. meantime the to install 16 stop sign ing up - cameras by the end of the year, mostly at intersections ne
Sep 7, 2012 10:00pm EDT
live at shock trauma tonight, to tell us about this latesttpush to help daniel. janice? janice?jeff,daniel's mother rosemary has spent all her tiie here...but today was one of the few times she's left... sse was embraced by friends and strangers at a fundraiser in kingsville...where everyonn was doinn what they can for her son. if for just a moment...worry is lifted from the shoulders of rosemary bororwy. bororwy."people started praying the minute it happened and haven't stopped and that's what's got him through"each dime, from every hhmburger...will go to her sons reeovvry: recovery:"we all have children here, hear it on he news, this is for a child that could have been ine"on the first day oo school, junior andrew madonly was in the classrrom next to the cafeteria: cafeteria:"hear a loud bang, then the second bang"police say 15 year old robert gladden started randomly firing inside the ullets would hit special - needs student daniel, in the ba: back:"he's a hero, nd i hope everything thinks of him that way because he's fighting long us"rosemary...who hasn't left - days...says doct
Sep 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
. natalie. >> kerry sanders, thanks so much. jason puracal is here, along with his sister janice who fought so hard to save him. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good to have you here. jason, how are you feeling and has it sunk in you're free? >> i'm feeling wonderful, feeling great. it's overwhelming and, no, it's not sunk in. it's still very surreal. >> tell me what those 22 months in the nicaraguan prison were like. describe the conditions, and how did you keep your hopes up? >> it was the most horrific experience i've ever had to deal with. there were days when i didn't think it was going to end. just thinking of my son, he kept my hopes alive. kept my spirits alive. >> and i know it was a really hard time for your son as well, and can you tell me how that reunion was with him? >> it was overwhelming joy to have him in my arms again. it's been hard to let him -- put him down these last 24 hours, so -- >> yeah, i can imagine. i read that you said you slept with him in between you and your wife, and you just didn't want to leave his side. >> that was the first night
Sep 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
time. natalie. >> kerry sanders, thanks so much. jason puracal is here, along with his sister janice who fought so hard to save him. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good to have you here. jason, how are you feeling and has it sunk in you're free? >> i'm feeling wonderful, feeling great. it's overwhelming and, no, it's not sunk in. it's still very surreal. >> tell me what those 22 months in the nicaraguan prison were like. describe the conditions, and how did you keep your hopes up? >> it was the most horrific experience i've ever had to deal with. there were days when i didn't think it was going to end. just thinking of my son, he kept my hopes alive. kept my spirits alive. >> and i know it was a really hard time for your son as well, and can you tell me how that reunion was with him? >> it was overwhelming joy to have him in my arms again. it's been hard to let him -- put him down these last 24 hours, so -- >> yeah, i can imagine. i read that you said you slept with him in between you and your wife, and you just didn't want to leave his side. >> that was the first n
Sep 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
school tonight, janice park fox45 news at 530. violent... labor day... weekend... as... viooence... erupts... on... city streets. ... multiple hootings... have... led to... multiple deat. deaths. one of them right here in southeast baltimoree.. two people were shot... one fatally.we're told the victim may have been trying to stop an armed robbery when ecame a target. we talked with several homeowners today about what they heard last night. 19:32:16 we heard he shot and i saw some guy running down thought it was firecrackers outcue:43 when i got up up detectives were back in the neighborhood today interviewing witnesses and talking with homeowners as well. it's believed the victim lives near to where just... hours earlier,.../ went... to... a.. double shooting... in... east baltimore.../.it... happened... on... north... treeper... ear... madison street... around 3 ... this morning...//.one... man... was shot... in the face,.../ the... other grazed... by a were... taken to a hospital,.../ at this hour. . ... - police... are... busy... with several shootings... in... he past... 24 h
Sep 25, 2012 5:30pm EDT
. hhoes. janice park is strraminn live in ellicott city to tell us whether homeowners homeooners expect hings to gettbetter or worse this year. teaching science to city elementaay schhol students ggt &pnational science foundation. stephanie rawlings- blake were on hand at arlington elementary school in northwest baltimore to announce a 7 point 4 million dollar grant between johns hopkinn university nd the city school syssem.the five yyar rant will help math and science teaahers team up with faculty from the joons hopkins school of engineering to find ways o better engage ssudents in learning about sciencc.. 3:11"hoo proud you must be, to school...i didn't see a kid in phe classroom ttat looked like they didn't want to be in school....they weee excitee abouttschool"...they were excited about science" &pscience" the mayor says the program will engage ver 16000hundred ptudents hhw are the roaas looking tonig? report. e report..- pbelairwwlkensmaps395map - 3 one teenaaer ii the target f a cruul the last laugh. i'm candace doll in os annelesson thh see oo new girr. check it out th
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
are gathering tonight... lloking for answers from police and school administ. administrators. janice park...streaming live from perry hall high with the latest on that meeting. jeff,this letter in my hand is from the talks aaouu a community about 30 minutes in the in &pauditorium behind me.tonight parents will get to ask any questions they want, aboot the shooting thht happened oo the first day of school. it was august 27th and 3rd period when 15 year old robert gladden headed to lunch.police say gladden pulled out a double barrel shot gun and randomly fired...striking special needs student daniel ba-roar-ree in the back. daniel remains in shock trauma tonight.many experts have given their opinion, on how to make the school safer...but tonight, the principal says he
Sep 27, 2012 5:30pm EDT
. . refs are back.s it even more 3 back. janice park is strrammng live aa m and t bank stadium where shes bben hanging out with tailgaters arrested over a arrested overra hhmburggr... wrecked a cash register...--3 3 a cash register...soda aad wrecked why a man threw arrested over a 3tailggters arrested over a hamburger... why aaman threw soda and wrecked a cash register... taking care of your teeth.... cooing up, we ask a expert how to get deetal care.. even if you don't have insurance. 3 --adbllb eather z-- good dental health, is just as important as your overall tte costtof dennal care, may be out oo reach.what if you don't have health insurance. just keeping the regular check -up provvs to be too expensive. expensive. in tonight's take action thursdayy we're helping you take action witt your dentaa care. joining me to ttlk more abouu the options manski from the university of maryland school of dentistry &p dr. manksi, thanks for joining us.first of all, if you'rr cutting your health care expenses, some people might cut their dental are first. but there can be serious consequences
Sep 10, 2012 5:30pm EDT
..../ where... she hit ...another vehicle... driven by... janice hollabaugh..../ hollabougg's... passenger.../ áfrances...hessoná.../ was ...thrown from the car... and... died at the scene...///. the... crash &p...remains under... investigation. a... fiery... bus accideet... in glen burnie... / remains... under in. investigation,...//.it... happened ...late saturday .../ on... 8th avenue...//.a... lincoln... lostt control... around the turn... / smashing... into... the... number 14 car... was dragged 40 feet .../ and... caught fire. nicole didio, bus accident victim: 6.36.40 "the bus just starred squeeling and trying everybody just flew forward." nicole didio, bus accident victim: 6.38.01 "a couple minutes later, there was just smoke surrounding the whole area."chrrstine medford, accident victim's other: p.34.55 "you could tell that pt was burned. and, you coull pmell it." it."the... bus-driver... and... 8--- passengers... were hospitalized...// the... driver of the car died.../ and... a... 14-year-old passenger... / is... in... ssable condition... at hopkins.../. neither...
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Sep 20, 2012 5:00am EDT
the first degree weather forecast with janice dean. your giants are playing my panthers tonight. >> go giants. >> go panthers. fair and balanced this morning. >> take a look at some of the temperatures slowly starting to creep down from our friends in canada. it will be fall this weekend officially. thursday, friday last time to get the summertime fun in. you can see the cooler temperatures getting in from the great lakes and northeast this is what we are going to see for the next several weeks and the next several months ahead. highs today cool across the northern peer but very warm across the south. dallas 93. looks at phoenix. 105. at least 10 degrees above where they should be this time of year. if you still want sum ir timert head across the west. satellite imagery not much going on. a little bit of shower activity across florida. otherwise a great looking forecast for this thursday. go panthers go giants. >> we will place some bets and talk about it. thanks, janice. >> 38 after the hour. starting lineup of sports stories making headlines. floyd may weather will have to sho
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 2:00am PDT
get the message to the most amount of people. >>> janice dean is here and she has more on -- look at that. >> janice. hello. >> we are talking about the giants. the giants beat hert's panthers. >> i don't know 36-7. >> i quit watching after the first quarter that's what happened. >> ignore the jersey. i wore it all night long. >> at least you have a great when forecast for us. >> i won't rub it in i promise. change of wardrobe the next section. >> we love it when you dance. what can i say about that. >> let's do the weather, shall we? not too much to talk about. we have a little system moving across the great lakes bringing a little showery weather here and across the sunshine states little moisture working its way in there. not so sunny day unfortunately. the rest of the country looks good. if you are traveling this morning most airports should look okay. thunderstorms later on today in philadelphia. dallas looks good as does loss apg less. new york city really nice temperatures today. 70 degrees. big win last night for the giants. miami 83 chicago a little bit of rain. otherwise
Sep 11, 2012 10:00pm EDT
... police ... aren't... saying much, .../ they... ádoá... believe... the couple... was murdered. janice? the couple today as vaughn and marjorie pepper. they were 85 and 87 yeaas old..olice say many living here in this neighborhood are very concerned...that is why they they do not believe this was a random crime. we were there today, hen forensic services were back on back on the scene on secluded olmstead road.police say a worried relative from out of state contacted a neighbor, who then called policc.monday afternoon...police looked through thh window and saw mr. pepper lying on the floor. in the basement. police say they had been dead for two days.police have rrcovered a weapon... aad say this wasn't aashooting.they're also looking for the couppe's adult grandson...who was living with them at the timm.investigators say the grandson went missing last night: "we want to stress at this time, this is not a randoo crime, however itts early in the investigation, so the faats are suuject to change" when it comes to this missing grandson, police say they simply want to talk to him... and at
Sep 13, 2012 11:00am EDT
not only tells us about the 70 plus women in rock from janice joplin to janet jackson. >> these are the real outfits. the reason we get to see them here is they donated the outfit to the museum of rock and roll history in cleveland. that is who organized the show. they are at the museum of arts. >> what is your favorite costume? >> i like janice joplin's dress. you never think of her as being feminine. >> what's it like? >> teeny tiny. she beaded it herself. she was a seamstress. >> i look forward to seeing that. let's move on to the h street festival. it's saturday from noon to 7:00 p.m. it's a fun event. i brings in all the bars and restaurants and performing arts we see. a very cool festival. lots of food. bring cash and the kick off to oktoberfest. >> do you pay a fee to participate or buy food at the different restaurants? >> you buy food at the different restaurants. we'll see restaurants like the new one they are buzzing about. they are debuting pies. you pay for that, but admission is free. >> come with cash. >> right. >> d.c. fashion week is coming up. when is that? >> kick
Sep 12, 2012 10:00pm EDT
.../ janice park... live... on campus .../ where... university... and... citt police... are... still looking... for the shooter. jan? janice?jeff and jennifer, officals here tonight want to stress that this was not random...they believe it was a targeted shooting. understandbly there was chaos...because the shooting happened in the heart of campus, inside the student center...but eventually the victim would stumble out here nnxt to a trash can. ccn. p i was walking to class aad they said you can't there's been a shooting, hees dead he's tabbed, everything else" a swat team and other ciiy police swarm morgan state university...signs of an on campus shooting...left on the ground.eddie musa watched as the viitim, shot in the ssomach , stumbled out of the student center: center:"young man wearing a white polo, blood on his shirt, ripped, he was reaahing for the trash can and collapsed right before the trash can"tonight, campus officials were quick to say this was a targeted shooting. they believe the shooter and victim knee each other...and were ánot sttdents: students:"one, they're trying to f
Sep 27, 2012 10:00pm EDT
.../// gives... thhm... a lot more... to... cheer about.../ about.../janice park ii streeming live at m & t bank stadium...where fans were veryy happy today to see the refs &phit the field. janice? panice?jeff and jennifer,we pre live here at m & t bank still going on...agaiint the cleveland are always inna great mood...but today felt special...and fans say ttey never heard sweeter words than nfl commissioner roger goddell saying they hhd "do your ravens dance go petey, go petey! yea!" yea!""touchdown!" "touchdown!" now all jokes aside...faas say they were getting fed up with the replacement refs...during the replhe laat three gaaes.dur poday's endless tailgates...along wiih the about having the reallrefs offfiate toniggt's game againsttthe browns!fans say they hope the game will go muuh quicker...and they are thrilled so far with the rrven's 3 to 1 record. --3 ""heseeare the cleveland 3 -3 here;s... our question of the day...//. do... you think... the regular refs... are... going... to make... a big difference... in... n-f-l games. here'ssour facebook age.most of youusay th
Sep 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
. consumer correspondent janice lieberman is here with details. hey, janice, good morning. >> good morning! >> we're not seeing storewide sales, right, just individual categories? >> well, retail analysts first tell us that this was a soft summer, and they say that right now they want to get you excited and get you back into the mall. ♪ i'm gonna soak up the sun >> reporter: just when you're trying to catch that last ray of sun -- you realize summer vacation is over. not to worry, retailers are offering great deals to get your mind off the beach and into the mall. >> the biggest labor day event ever! >> you can relax -- >> labor day mattress sale is going -- >> this is a year of distractions. we had crazy weather, we had politics involved, we also even had the olympics that took away some business from stores, so they're trying to gain momentum. so, take advantage right now ♪ go shopping >> reporter: so, where are the deepest discounts? we asked retail analyst marco cohen to take us shopping at sears in new york's mall. where are the real hot deals this weekend? >> this is a gr
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
&pmurder of elderly pikesville couple. and as janice park reports....itssthe couple's own grandson who was was tracked down halfway across the country. . . "i'm surprised it happened, but i'm not surprised the grandson is invol" involved""that an elderly couple found dead in their home, and i remember telling my wife i hope its not the peppers and it was" 3 was"not the peppers and it telling my wife i hope its home, and i remember found dead in their "that an elderly couple involved" involved"surprised the grandson is happened, but i'm not "i'm surprised it 3 -3 "i'm surprised it happened, but i'm not surprised the grandson is involved" involvee""thaa an elderly couple found dead inntheir home, and i remember tellinn my wife i hope its not the peppers and it was" 3& new details... for... the... baltimore county school's... new... safety plln..../ following... 2---incidents... where... stuuents... brought... guns to school.../. school.../. the... president ...of the teacher's union... tells... fox 45.../ teachers... are... expected... to do more..../ in... the class.../ logs... will...
Sep 4, 2012 12:30am EDT
least be alive. 3 this is janice canham.... she was re-elected mayor of jacksons' gap, alabama last week.problem is....she's been dead since july 30th. alabama candidate's name to remainnon the ballot, even after death. it's meant to prevent candidates from killing rivals in order to win. canham beat oot her opponent michael crouch... who earned only 66 votes... after running a nasty campaign that maay residenns resenned. "it ould have been some that were voting against mr. crouch because there was a lot of negative things." "people love to leave a legacy and i knnw it was her hope and desire to to beemayor and to move jacksons' gap forward." 3 the town council will now have to appoint a new mayor after the term starts in november. and common sense says... police shouldn't be too busy to aarest a killer. a party at this house in detroit, ended in gunfire... leaving two people dead and two others injured..the suspected gunman tried to turn himself into authorities at a fire station. but when firefighters called police, no squad cars ever showed up.detroit police say they're deaaing w
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, janice park fox455news late edition. here;s... our do... youuthink... the regglar rees....reeoinggto makeea big difference in n-f-l games. 3 hunddeds of people.... joined tte discussion tonight.../, and... so far... almost everyooe... is hhppy have... the reguulr zebra's... back on the fiild. 3 first n fox, a altimore man sayssa mistake in ccurt records costs him an additional 400days in jail. jail. sentenced michael suuano to 600days in jail for tto but what was reeorddd in court records was not 600days but a ssi-month sentence. from his jail cell, suddno wrote the courts and pleadee with guards..... but it took an suddno was released.ed and 3 (10:56644) "theee was nothing i could do but write and hope omeone could help me and nobody did and as thh days got longer and looger it was going to happen." this morning, sudano slapped the state with a lawsuit alleging gross negligence and &psttte has yet to comment. - 3 a... mothee nd her 4 year stable coonition... afttr... being shot last niggt. night. it happened shortly after 9.../// early this morning fathee. eric ford senior fac
Sep 3, 2012 5:30am EDT
woman being elected is the first of its kind in the town's history. those who knew janice says she loved her town and would have made a great mayor if she survived. >> people love to leave a heg sigh and i knew it was her hope and desire to be mayor and move jackson gap forward. >> the law requires the candidate's name to remain on the ballot even after death. >>> there's a mixed bags of -- bag of results for the ravens and now we look forward to the kick off of thing are season. tomorrow coach harbaugh will hold the first regular season news conference and the team signed a former new england patriot safety during the weekend. so the ravens are gearing up for the match against cincinnati. one week from today. >>> the o's continue the road trip after a weekend series win over the yankees in the bronx. they took 2 out of 3. it could have been a sweep but we won't talk about saturday. the series belonged to reynold. baltimore's first baseman homered twice in friday's win and twice in sunday's 8-3 win. orioles cut new york's lead to 2 games in the east. they are back in camden yards t
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Sep 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
top. >> very rare. >> that is rare. >> let's check in with janice dean. >> it's hard to adjust. we are into fall. lending umbrella. the weather girl actually forgot the umbrella today. don't tell anybody. let's take a look at the maps. a little light mist across the northeast and exiting stationary front pressure off the coast. look at that wall of moisture that is just sat temperature rating texas. good news for them obviously. they need the rain, but a lot of texas where we are getting the worse of the weather today. watches and warnings -- some areas we saw 4 to 5 inches. see the next map where the rain is going to spread from texas all the way across the gulf coast states again. some need the rain but too much of a good thing of course is going to cause some flooding. back inside to you guys. we'll see you in a illegal immigration bit. >> props -- not did she just give you umbrella. you are having a good hair day even in the mist. >> we just really have the best hair and makeup team in the business. >> well, exhibit a. [ laughter ] >> umbrella in my office for every day. wouldn
Sep 2, 2012 8:00am EDT
and insurance are decidedly old school. consumer correspondent janice lieberman is here to explain. good morning. >> good morning. you've heard the lines, call now, no obligation, this offer won't last. are the actors saying them these days to make you feel nostalgic? we've noticed an awful lot of our favorite baby boomer tv stars taking on new roles pitching products. >> ay! i'm the fonz. i'm selling these books. they're cool, they're cheap. >> these days the fonz wants to sell you a reverse mortgage. >> take control of your retirement today. >> reporter: "the flying nun" was the face of osteoporosis medication. >> that's why it's important to have strong, healthy bones. >> reporter: and steve austin has trade his bionic arms and legs for a bionic hearing aid. a growing group of aging celebrities are endorsing products aimed at their fellow boomers. >> i recently needed cataract shoulder. >> this is my boss. >> a reverse mortgage can change all that. >> reporter: robert wagner, henry winkler and former senator fred thompson are all backing reverse mortgage companies. >> take my wo
Sep 10, 2012 6:30pm EDT
learning? >> reporter: the strike has left thousands of parents in the lurch. janice thompson scrambled to rearrange her schedule to pick her twins up early. the strike combined with the city's soaring murder rate is what most bothers her. >> if our kids are out here in the street, something might happen to our children. >> reporter: lajoi parker had to stop working on her nursing degree so she could be home for her kids. what's your concern if this strike doesn't end soon? >> it's frustrating trying to figure it out. it really is. >> reporter: chicago teachers are fighting for better pay and benefits, but the sticking point is a new plan to base teacher evaluations in part on how well their students score on standardized tests. the unions argue that would put teachers at a disadvantage and possibly cost them their jobs. >> we feel that would distort the curriculum, threaten the profession. >> reporter: these contract talks are being closely watched around the country, battles over testing playing out in school districts in at least 23 states. >> teacher evaluation is a very hot topic r
Sep 19, 2012 6:30am PDT
for san francisco janice and i think that is the wrong approach. so me it's take it as it is, shove it down our throats the way it is today. it can get better and we're willing to work on it, even if it's slightly different than what i've proposed today and real realize it's come out in a last minute. it's a huge issue. i think we can get support on the board and i don't see a reason why we don't try. it speaks of being afraid to have that dialogue. >> president chiu: supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: i was, through the chair, wanting to ask supervisor wee wiener just o maybe articulate about what you hope to accomplish in one week's time. >> supervisor wiener: thank you, through the chair. >> president chiu: supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you, supervisor cohen. i also just want to, in terms of what supervisor campos mentioned, i was handed these amendments when i walked -- after i walked into the chambers today. so i totally agree that had i received -- you know, had i received this beforehand, i certainly would have said something. but we were handed this, and
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